The postpress department takes a job through all the steps that are required to get it from our press into the end user's hands. Those steps might consist of finishing (binding and trimming) to fulfillment (addressing and preparing for the post office).

At Texoma Web Offset Printing we handle our own stitching and trimming. When a book is too large to print in one press run, we will break it into two or more smaller press runs and then put them together to make one larger book. Below are a couple of pictures of one of our stitcher/trimmers. We load the smaller pieces of the book (each called a "signature") into one of the pockets. From the pockets the signatures get dropped onto a chain, one on top of the other, stiches are driven into the spine and finally the stitched book goes into a three knife trimmer which trims all three sides.

BinderyFull length view of one of our six-pocket trimmers
TrimmerA closer view of two of the pockets on the trimmer

When a job requires mailing to individual homes, we will run it through our inkjet system. The inkjet system takes a list of names and using an array of inkjet print heads, sprays the mailing label onto the printed piece.

Texoma Web Offset Printing uses the following equipment during the postpress process:

McCain S2000 6 pocket stitcher trimmer with cover feeder and fourth knife attachment.
2 Domino Label processors w/ JettArray inkjet labeler.
Kansa 480 3 pocket inserter.


McCain XL 200
This stitcher trimmer is a time tested work horse capable of finishing digest, flexi, and tabloid products up to 8 signatures.

McCain S2000
The S2000 is one of the newer additions to our bindery operation. It is capable of producing digest, flexi, and tabloid finished product up to 6 signatures plus a single sheet cover. This stitcher is also equipped with a Domino Label Processor and JettArray ink jet labeler inline making it possible to bind and mail a product in one step saving time and money.

Kansa 480 Inserter
The Kansa 480 3 pocket inserter allows 2-into1 inserting of printed sections or pre-printed inserts varying from single to multiple pages.

Domino/JettArray Stand Alone Labeler
Our stand alone labeling station consists of a Domino label processor and JettArray ink jet labeler capable of mailing printed material from letter size up to standard news paper size. Ink jet labeling with a system of this sort is faster and far more accurate than conventional labeling systems.

Mail Processing Department
Our mail processing department uses the latest software combined with a vast working knowledge of the postal system to ensure the fastest delivery time with the lowest postage rate possible.