The prepress is where every printing job begins. In the prepress we take our customer's files (click here to see a list of the files we support) and prep them for the printing process. The first step of this process is to run the files through our Prinergy workflow software. Prinergy does several things including mapping colors to other color plates, converting spot colors to process colors, ensuring fonts are embedded and several additional preflight procedures.

In 2006 Texoma Web Offset added a Kodak Trendsetter which allows us to go direct-to-plate skipping the use of film altogether. Not only is this much faster and more efficient but it also gives us a degree of accuracy on press that was difficult to achieve by making film and then plates. In 2009 we added a second Trendsetter giving us redundancy in workflow and plate output.

PlatesetterOne of our Kodak Trendsetter platesetters
Plate MakingLoading Plates

Texoma Web Offset Printing works with the following equipment during the prepress process:

2) Kodak Trendsetter direct-to-plate systems
2) Prinergy workflow software
3) Macintosh Workstations (OS 9 and OS X)
2) IBM Compatible workstations.
Adobe Photoshop thru Version CS3
Adobe Pagemaker thru Version 7.0
Adobe Illustrator thru Version CS3
Adobe Indesign thru Version CS3
QuarkXpress thru Version 6.5
HP 1050C Inkjet plotter for proofing


All files are turned into the PDF format, run through our Prinergy workflow and finally output directly to plate ensuring the most accurate printing plates possible.


Above is the current software being used in our prepress department. Other software may be compatible but please contact our customer service with any specific questions.

Prepress Professional

Our prepress personnel strive to stay in touch with the latest advancements and techniques used in desktop publishing. They are very familiar with the most popular software packages being used in the industry and with the procedures and settings to make the many steps from your desktop to a printed product result in quality product.